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Conceptual Design
Reimagining your existing space

Wanna see that dream home in a digital 3D rendering and be able to virtually walk through it and around it. We can bring all these dream home ideas together and work with you to fine tune the design and make sure that it satisfies your wildest dream. 

Comprehensive Design 

This is where nothing is left out. from your property lines to your tea pot. We come in here in full force with everything we have got . From detailed site survey to conceptual design that meets your needs and desires to detailed specifications  and shopping list for every little details until the day you are headed the keys to your fully furnished and functional new home. All you need to bring is your luggage and the excitement of your new dream home.

Wanna make your existing home more you and everything you are about. We love the challenge. Coming with  years of experience in small space design in New York City, we can assure you that every inch of your space will be utilized to reflect style and functionality that suites your daily life style and vision. 

Vacation Homes and income property design

With our experience in space design, especially small spaces in NYC, we always had to squeeze every inch of function in every inch of space with style. So when it came to designing homes for vacation rentals or corporate housing it was nothing but smooth sailing for us. Since the popularity of Airbnb and VRBOi n 2015 we have helped design and also manage many properties in NYC and Los Angeles. Yes we are actually a Five stars airbnb super hosts since 2015 and we do it so well. so you can rest assure that your investment property is going to bloom for many years to come once we put our hands on it and configure it in it's best functional and stylish way possible while keeping the cost a very minimal level. 

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