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Welcome to Design Eternal. Your search for the best Interior Design experience has just ended here. With over 15 years of experience in a wide range of design projects we can assure you that all your questions and concerns will be answered and met. Our work is described best as innovative and functional with an artistic edge. When dealing with a project, it is beyond the selection of pieces and colors; it is a complete understanding of the client’s objectives, needs and desires. This understanding becomes the base formula for a unique, harmonic, beautiful, functional and comfortable environment. Our service is always friendly, affordable and flexible. Every project is unique and every design is tailored to the client’s needs and budget.

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 Shane Mounir

Design Eternal’s Shane Mounir is the owner and head designer. He has represented and worked as the sole in-house designer for some of the most prestigious Contemporary Italian Furniture manufacturers. During that time his work focused mainly on high-end residential projects in New York City. His work also reached many royal and prestigious homes including projects in Europe, Australia and Saudi Arabia. He also worked as an in-house Senior Designer for one of the largest and hippest international restaurant chains.

Shane studied Interior Architecture and Decor at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Alexandria University, Egypt.  He then moved to his new home New York City and has since been progressively expanding his knowledge, talent and skills in the contemporary design world. In 2012 Shane made the move to Los Angeles and has been working on projects between NYC and LA with more focus on designing and managing Investment residential properties.   Shane is also a Certified Green Designer, an allied ASID member and is a member of many design communities in the US and worldwide. His projects have been presented on First Look NY and published in international publications.

What is Design Eternal?

It is where innovative and contemporary designs are made to last. The majority think that modern and contemporary design will look good today but will become outdated tomorrow. Well, that only depends on how good a design is. For example if you look at the work of Frank Gehry and Frank Lloyd Wright, you will see that their work is a great example of innovative contemporary designs that are made to last. Their designs are indeed Eternal and that is exactly our direction. We utilize every inch and every element in the space to create Innovative, Contemporary, Eternal Design

What do we do

 Over the years we provide comprehensive interior design service for homes, restaurants, retail spaces, offices, night clubs, bars, and special events. We have also designed and produced custom design furniture, custom lighting, home theater and other High tech applications. We also provided staging services for home owners and realtors to help them sell their homes fast and for the highest price point possible. We have been and we are always able to work with different size projects with different size budgets. We take pride in our work and we always go the extra miles to make sure our clients have the best and most satisfying design experience possible.

Design and Investmnet

Yes they both go hand in hand and both benefit from each other. Designing a property for investment purposes is different from designing a home for your personal taste. Budget and timing are very important as well as  style, function and reliability. those 5 elements together is what puts your investment property ahead of its' competitors. We have designed, owned and managed many investment residential properties and were able to maximize their profit, value and potential in every way possible. so if you are looking to invest into residential homes let us take a look . will you ?

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